Protect Your Property From Dangerous Trees

Turn to us for tree removal services in Ocean Springs or Biloxi, MS

Are you dealing with a tree that's leaning too close to your home? Protect yourself and your home by removing it ASAP. Southern Tree Surgery provides exceptional tree removal services in the Ocean Springs & Biloxi, MS area. We have the tools needed to remove the tree and haul it away with ease. After we remove your hazardous tree, we can also provide you with stump grinding and tree debris removal services.

Reach out to us today for tree debris removal and tree removal services.

5 signs it's time to remove a tree

While trees can be a beautiful addition to any property, they can also be a nightmare waiting to happen. You should call us for tree removal services right away if your trees are:

  • Impeding construction
  • Leaning too close to your home
  • Blocking your power-lines
  • Rotted or covered in termites
  • Full of dead branches

If you're dealing with any of these issues, contact us today for tree removal services. And be sure to ask about our tree debris removal services.

Check out the benefits of removing trees

When you need reliable tree removal services, there's only one company to call. Southern Tree Surgery offers tree removal and tree debris removal services in the Ocean Springs & Biloxi, MS area. Our experts can remove trees from your property to:

  • Help protect your structure from falling trees
  • Create space for a patio, pool, deck or outdoor kitchen
  • Stop the spread of tree disease
  • Improve your view
  • Save you time, money and potential injury

Reach out right away to arrange for hazardous tree removal services or tree debris removal services. We'll be there in a jiffy to haul away your unwanted trees.